7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics
  • innovative urban warehouses network

  • flexible modules easy to adopt to different industries

  • higher efficiency of the Last Mile Logistics operations

7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics

7R is the first developer to introduce the Small Business Unit concept into the Polish market of urban warehouses. 7R's offer is unique in terms of combining the SBUs into a nationwide network, instead of delivering single facilities that were present on the market before.

7R City Flex network responds to the niche of facilities located close to city centres that enables fast movement of goods. The demand for space in such locations continues to grow since few years and recently it is even more dynamic due to significant e-commerce growth.

What is unique about the 7R City Flex is their exclusive location close from city centres which enables delivering goods to the final customer within the minimum amount of time or collection by the customers themselves. This improves the last mile Logistics process. 7R City Flex network covers key location near biggest cities around the whole country optimising logistics processes and delivery chain for companies with nationwide operations.

What also makes the 7R City Flex urban projects so special is the possibility of dividing them in various modules. This is why we call them ‘Flex', they are as flexible as our customers need them to be, depending on their business specifics. 7R City Flex can be delivered as warehouse, service, showroom or office facility. The design enables also light production.


7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics

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