Polish Commercial Real Estate Chamber

We are a member of the Polish Commercial real Estate Chamber, and thanks to it, we have a tangible impact on the surrounding business environment.


The association's mission is to represent developers, investors, and service providers of commercial real estate in the economic, political, and social environment. The Association wants to impact legislative activities concerning its members and promote the real estate market's good standard. Take care of the image of the industry and cooperate with other industry organizations.

As part of the association’s activities, the following activities are undertaken:

- Organizing meetings for entities operating in the commercial real estate market as well as participation in such events

- Cooperation with persons, entities, and organizations supporting similar objectives

- Supporting business initiatives and projects of members related to the commercial real estate industry

- Conducting talks with relevant state institutions on issues affecting the activities of entities related to the commercial real estate industry

 -Cooperation with ministries, giving opinions on legislative changes, providing information and reports supporting our position in the industry

- Maintaining media relations

Thank you for our PINK actions activities collaborate with local, national, and international authorities in matters related to the commercial real estate industry, and exchange of experience for entities from the commercial real estate industry.