Polish Green Building Council

Polish Green Building Council is a non-governmental organization that, since 2008, has been carrying out the mission of radically improving the design, implementation of investments, and the use of buildings in Poland, so that sustainable construction becomes the norm.

Our mission is to make green practices a standard in the warehouse real estate market in Poland. Joining the group of green change leaders is a natural step for us to support pro-ecological initiatives in the industry and a declaration of co-creating the highest quality facilities on the Polish commercial real estate market.

At the beginning of 2020, as the first developer of warehouse and industrial space in Poland, we improved an eco-concept based on sustainable construction principles and aims to provide eco-friendly buildings. We have created a particular R&D group in our structures, which analyzes and implements new solutions and technologies to our offer to support the pro-ecological impact of buildings and examines the level of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.