Sustainable solutions through technology

We strive to provide our clients with manufacturing and warehouse facilities using the latest technology that have a positive and holistic impact on the planet and help combating climate change.

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Perfectly designed green buildings

7R specialises in modern, certified warehouses and production facilities. Innovative solutions that we implement in them help us care for the environment. They enable saving water and energy, reducing CO2 emissions, limiting the destruction of natural resources and protecting biodiversity

How else do we help to protect the environment? We pay attention to have our buildings fit into the broad context of their surroundings and become an integral part of it. We plant additional trees around our warehouses and arrange flowery meadows

We know well that the idea of a ‘green warehouse’ should also include improving the comfort of employees. We focus on sustainability in the workplace and support environmentally friendly attitudes, for example electromobility, by building electric vehicle charging stations

BTS Kraków


less energy consumption per year

Significant savings in electricity bills


LED lighting

Even greater savings with the best quality solutions

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2,400 litres

of water saved per year for a 20,000 sqm building

Reduced costs associated with the operation of the building and taking care of natural resources

381 tonnes

Reduction of CO2 emissions / per year

Another step towards net-zero emissions and sustainability



all our warehouses are  certified to at least Very Good level

Confirmation of the superior building quality and compliance with the ESG criteria

Sustainable development lets you renovate the future


What do you gain with BREEAM certified green buildings?

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Eco-friendliness – integration with the natural environment, low-carbon facilities built with high-quality materials

Energy efficiency – lower heating and electricity bills

People-friendly – designed with the user in mind

Modernity – innovative solutions such as photovoltaic panels and electric vehicle charging stations

Our aim is to set and promote new, environmentally friendly standards in construction on the basis of carefully selected criteria.

This is why all new 7R investments are BREEAM certified to at least the Very Good level.


We develop each new facility responsibly, striving for social sustainability.

We want our buildings to become an integral part of their surroundings. We also care for the community by supporting local initiatives and NGOs. Social interests are firmly integrated into our strategy.

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Corporate social responsibility

At 7R we want to share our success, which is why we initiate and engage in social activities. We support local communities, science, and arts, as well as amateur and professional sport. We initiate and join charitable actions, including those carried out as part of employee volunteering. 


We are an active sponsor of sports teams: 7R Rowmix Team p/b 72D cycling team, 7R Solna Wieliczka volleyball team, RzTŻ speedway team and KS Warszawianka handball team. We sponsor the 7R CST MTB Gdynia Marathon and No Limit Kasprowy, the biggest alpine skiing competition in Poland.

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7R gives space to young artists by organising cyclical themed competitions in its facilities, in cooperation with various art schools from all over the country (currently, in the academic year 2021/2022, we are collaborating with the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts). With our business strategy in mind, we particularly support pro-environmental art, created against climate change and for the planet.

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Local community

Wherever our investments take place, we support local institutions, such as libraries, NGOs or schools; when the pandemic started, we equipped the hospital in Starachowice with a mobile emergency room. We take part in educational campaigns organised by local authorities combined with tree planting on the edges of cities, in the spaces where 7R warehouses are located.

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We have introduced a Code of Best Practice to be the pillar of operation for sustainable and responsible business development.

Corporate governance is an integral part of the ESG, which is why we have been taking necessary care over the years in meeting relevant standards and putting sustainability into practice. This provides our transactions with security, our tenants with the best solutions and our investors with the desired stability and return on warehouses considered as an investment product.

One of 7R’s primary objectives is to prevent unfair market practices. We are transparent: our client relationships are always clear and honest. We never forget how important it is to provide employees with a friendly working environment and to foster diversity, tolerance and openness. 

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