7R City Flex 

  • Excellent location of warehouses within urban agglomerations
  • Greater efficiency and flexibility of logistics operations at the last mile supply chain point
  • Modularity offering flexible adaptation of space to a specific types of activity
  • Combination of warehouse space with a comfortable and employee-friendly office, easily accessible by public transport 
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Attractive location

7R City Flex is an urban logistics facility characterised by strategic location guaranteeing convenient access to city centres as well as to major roads and transportation hubs. 

Our urban warehouses are the perfect solution for companies that want to combine modern, high-class office space with versatile warehouse space easily adaptable  for a specific type of business. 

What stands behind 7R City Flex?

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7R City Flex standards

In 2018, we launched a new product format - 7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics. These Small Business Unit (SBU) warehouses are the perfect solution for companies from different industries that value modern warehouse space in an excellent urban location.

Improved wall insulation

Reduced energy consumption throughout the year

Clear height of 10 m 

Possibility of storing goods close to the client 

Daylight illumination: 12.5%

Savings on running costs combined with better working environment for employees

Destratification fans

Optimal warehouse temperature throughout the year

LED lighting with DALI system

Even greater savings with the best quality solutions

Floor load capacity: 5 T/sqm

Floor preparation to individual customer requirements

ogrzewanie w magazynie

Gas heating with the use of radiant heaters

Reduction of costs associated with operation of the building

przystanek przy magazynie

Proximity to public transport

Easily accessible for employees and clients 

Looking for support?

Please contact one of our experts.

Joanna Ociepka-Wojciechowska

Regional Leasing Director

+48 12 427 30 64 [email protected]

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