Data Center solutions in 7R 

7R has everything needed to support the creation and development of data centers. Landbank, experience in the real estate market, a team of experts, and technological know-how.
For our customers, we can lead the whole investment process. We offer a wide set of solutions for the data center industry covering a wide variety of customers' needs. 

We offer a full scope of data center development services

  • 7R owns a land bank of industrial properties in Poland, many of which are attractive for data center development, and continues to source new data center sites in the most sought-after locations in the Warsaw metro area.
  • 7R secures the required power & prepares agreements with the utility companies
  • All permitting, incl. environmental permits, zoning decisions, building permits etc. is 7R’s responsibility
  • We offer our local know-how in adapting customer designs to comply with local regulation for the purpose of permitting and site assessmen.
  • Construction of the data center’s shell, a substation and the connection to the grid
  • Ready to be fitted by the customer, allowing rapid capacity deployment
  • Includes site preparation for further construction phases if planned
  • Commissioning according to customer requirements
  • Includes obtaining the occupancy permit
  • Scope can vary depending on customer preference and needs from whitespace to turnkey solutions
  • Designed with customer preferred mechanical solutions, electrical redundancy levels and power density requirements

Built-to-suit Data Center developments offer full customization and flexibility


  • Leased or owned by the customer, depending on preference
  • Custom designed facility based on customer requirements and constructed on a specifically selected site
  • Full transparency approach to design & construction of the facility, with the customer involved throughout the process
  • 7R responsible for all permitting

7R City Flex/City Park


  • Data center space leased as part of a 7R CityFlex industrial development
  • Typically smaller facilities, located in prime locations inside metro areas.
  • Multiple tenants on site, often from different industries (logistics, manufacturing etc.).

7R Park


  • Data center space leased in a dedicated building , located in one of the 7R Park industrial developments
  • Large scale developments , between 10 100 ha sites
  • Located outside cities, usually along main roads or highways
  • Fully customizable to match customer requirements
  • Clearly defined security perimeter, but shared infrastructure such as internal roads and some utilities

7R is uniquely positioned for data center development in Poland

Existing land bank and a strong pipeline of industrial sites

  • 7R owns a land bank of industrial sites across key markets in Poland, many of which are suitable for data center development
  • Selected sites are being pre-developed for data center construction, which includes securing power, conducting environmental studies and preparing the permitting process, significantly decreasing the time-to-market

Proven track record in industrial real estate

  • We are a trusted partner to leading industrial, technology and logistics companies, delivering mission-critical industrial facilities within ambitious timelines
  • We have experience developing technically advanced industrial facilities s.a. R&D centers, e-automotive production, pharmaceutical production, fully-automated logistics parks & other

Looking for support?

Please contact one of our experts.

Piotr Miodek

Head of BTS

+48 12 427 30 64 [email protected]

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