7R builds specialized BTS warehouse for Aluprof SA

7R is building an advanced warehouse facility in Silesia for Aluprof SA – one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum systems in Europe. The tenant, which exports products to 55 countries and has 1,300 regular customers, will move into the building in Q1 2022.

The investment, located in Międzyrzecze, has a total area of nearly 20,500 sqm and is being developed in a Build-to-Suit (BTS) formula. It means that the space can be comprehensively adapted to the tenants’ specific needs. The project also allows for full optimization of logistic processes. The warehouse for Aluprof SA will be modified to the stringent procedures regarding the loading and unloading of aluminum elements, which must be protected from the effects of atmospheric factors. As part of the construction, the following areas will be built: an office area of approx. 500 sqm and a warehouse and production area of nearly 20,000 sqm.

This is an important project for our logistics and warehouse system. The investment is designed in such a way that it fits into our existing model of raw material and finished product flow as well as creating good and safe working conditions. We use bold solutions, such as the system of overhead cranes integrated with the roof structure of a hall, which eliminates all pillars and supports. In this way we achieve a loading area with great flexibility and freedom in designing an area for transport tasks. The same applies to the unloading zones, which have a dedicated handling area. The aim of our investment is to use the available technological solutions in such a way that the implemented processes face the least number of architectural or equipment barriers. It is also worth mentioning the high bar set in terms of meeting all environmental and fire safety standards. In this respect, this facility will be our template for other investments.

Aleksander Mączko

Warehouse Team Manager at Aluprof SA

This new location for Aluprof SA, which has over 70 years’ experience in the industry and employs a total of 2,300 workers, will be its fifth plant in Poland. The facility will be used mainly for the preparation of semi-finished products in the production of windows and doors, as well as for storing aluminum profiles and components. The project includes a specialized unloading sluice connected to the warehouse hall, which enables the efficient and safe unloading of aluminum logs, as well as a multifunctional loading area inside the building. Due to the warehouse’s layout, key logistic processes will be completely safe and secure for this type of stored product. The warehouse will also use automated storage systems to streamline storage and picking processes.

At 7R we specialize in building investments according to the preferences of individual customers. Our portfolio includes many completions of projects in this formula. Other 7R Build-to-Suit projects are either being planned or are under construction. Cooperation in the BTS formula allows us to identify crucial elements of a tenant's business and adjust the facility to the specific nature of production at an early stage of development. In the case of the Aluprof SA project, due to the specificity of operations and the non-standard storage method, the fire protection system has been designed on a bespoke basis in order to meet the needs of future operations in the building. Additionally, the project in Międzyrzecze includes an unloading sluice which is an integral part of the building, larger than standard entry gates for delivery trucks and an epoxy-coated floor.

Maciej Krawiecki

Head of Leasing at 7R

A number of pro-ecological solutions will also be implemented in the new facility for Aluprof SA. These include a photovoltaic system that will be installed on the building. This will increase the energy efficiency of the investment. These features mean that the project will be certified by BREEAM. The construction of the warehouse has already started. The facility, located next to the S52 expressway, near the Bielsko-Biała Komorowice S1/S52 interchange, is scheduled for completion in early 2022. The general contractor of the investment is Atlas Ward.