7R funds a modular emergency room for hospital in Starachowice, Poland

A new program to help Polish hospitals has been launched. The idea of the project is to provide modular emergency rooms, known as CareBoxes, which will serve as diagnostic points for patients with suspected coronavirus. 7R donates to Powiatowy Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej hospital in Starachowice and is encouraging others to join forces and support this good cause initiated by JR Modular Systems.

A constructor of modular steel facilities, JR Modular Systems, has started production of mobile emergency rooms for Polish hospitals. CareBoxes are small 15 sqm containers that can easily be transformed into sanitary rooms and be combined to form larger structures.

We often hear that because of one patient's infection, part of the hospital building is shut down and the medical staff are quarantined. Such situations can paralyze the work of the health service. We have therefore examined the interest in modular emergency rooms, which will serve as a separate diagnostic space and minimize the risk of infection on hospital premises. Nine medical institutions from across Poland have responded to our enquiry and said that they are interested in such a solution. We want to help them to organize their work in the best possible way during this difficult period.

Jakub Stryjewski

co-owner of JR Modular Systems

The modular emergency room is an additional diagnostic point, adapted to sanitary needs, and enabling easy and frequent disinfection. The design of this solution has been assisted by specialists: Grzegorz Buława – an architect with experience in the medical industry, and Mariusz Stwora – an engineer who will be responsible for the proper ventilation of the modules.

7R, a warehouse space developer, is among the first companies to decide to support this hospital project.

The steel container, which is an integral element of the warehouses and logistics sectors, has another important function today. The newly manufactured mobile sanitary points delivered by JR Modular Systems will be durable and will provide an alternative to tents being set up in front of hospitals. The modular design makes them easy to move, be combined and able to change functionality over time. Thanks to this practical solution, even after the coronavirus pandemic ends, hospitals will be able to use these containers for years. By donating to the hospital in Starachowice, we are investing in an additional, flexible sanitary area that can be quickly adapted to the needs of a changing situation. We encourage others to help and support this worthy initiative.

Tomasz Lubowiecki

President of 7R

JR Modular Systems will produce CareBoxes in its own factory at cost price. When finished, the assembled objects will be transported to their destination and put into postion by a hydraulic crane truck. The modular emergency rooms do not need to be assembled on site, so they can be immediately used for hospital purposes upon delivery.

The project can be supported by making a donation to hospitals that have reported a need for a mobile emergency room. For more information please contact Jakub Stryjewski from JR Modular Systems: http://jrmodularsystems.pl/care-box/