Five-star warehousing

A modern warehouse is an attractive product when viewed from each side of the investment. The advanced solutions employed in it not only help to increase the operational efficiency and long-term value of the facility, but also protect the environment and improve the comfort of work, explains Aleksander Kuźniewski, the Business Development Director at 7R.

“The solutions we have been introducing to 7R’s facilities over the years help to reduce tenants’ operating costs, while in addition having a positive impact on the well-being of employees. A good workplace means a noticeable increase in efficiency and satisfaction,” he adds. One standard feature of 7R’s projects is the use of technological systems that reduce any negative impact on the natural environment, while minimising the carbon footprint and at the same time reducing the operating costs of the buildings.

“These are spheres that overlap – and I consider this to be an extremely positive trend. Because it’s difficult to come up with a better approach than one that, alongside generating savings, helps to protect the natural environment and at the same time enhances the investment attractiveness of the property,” emphasises Aleksander Kuźniewski.

Green on the roof

The solutions employed by 7R include reinforced roof structures to render them suitable for the installation of photovoltaic panels. This technology is extremely effective, since panels installed over an area of 20,000 sqm are able to supply up to 100 percent of the building’s daily energy demand.

“Photovoltaic panels are installed as standard in our projects. As is the strengthening of the roof load, enabling the greater use of such panels,” emphasises 7R’s expert.

Another, just as important, way of using the roof space is to contribute to the sustainable water management of the building. When it rains, a green roof collects thousands of litres of water, which can then be stored and used, for example, in the irrigation of green areas.

In addition, the use of such simple solutions as time flow taps and aerators (to limit the volume of water that pours out of the tap), thus reducing water consumption by up to 30%,” explains Aleksander Kuźniewski.

More heat, more light

7R’s buildings are all fitted with LED lighting that consumes 90% less electricity than standard bulbs. And by employing the DALI intelligent lighting control system – with motion sensors and activity diagrams – it’s possible to efficiently manage the energy consumption. Additional energy consumption management is provided through the use of a BMS system.

The modern panoramic skylight systems in our buildings reduce the operating costs by 7%, while the additional layers of insulation on the roof and walls reduces costs by another 20%. This is not the market standard. However, once the energy is produced we want it to be used as long as possible. That’s why we install destratificators in our facilities.

points out Aleksander Kuźniewski

Business Development Director

This system diverts warm air from the highest to the lowest parts of the building. In so doing, savings of almost 8% can be generated. Additional savings of 7% are provided by the sealing of the docks.

Process optimisation

When a tenant starts to appreciate the fact that their warehouse or logistics facilities are an essential part of their main business, decisions to increase the efficiency of operational processes tend to be made very quickly. Such systems as miniload or AutoStore have been introduced in response to the rapid evolution of the market.

“The rapid acceleration of certain trends prompted by the pandemic, such as the increasing demand for automation and more complex technical solutions, have boosted the interest in the standard and functionality of our facilities,” observes Aleksander Kuźniewski. “We have a product that we can be proud of, and the solutions we use are innovative and set new trends for the market,” he adds.

For investors, on the other hand, the use of modern systems gives such product with a longer lifespan, which means that in five or ten years will still be attractive to tenants.

Aleksander Kuźniewski is responsible for the development and maintenance of lasting relationships with customers and strengthening the 7R brand as a leader in providing modern warehouse solutions in ecological construction and urban projects – 7R City Flex Last Mile Logistic.

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