Logistics grows with e-commerce

magazyny dla ecommerce

Recent years for the e-commerce industry are not so much a development, but a real revolution, which was additionally significantly accelerated by the pandemic. Interestingly, one of the fastest-growing segments of this market is currently e-grocery (food products), recording double-digit increases in orders and online sales.

The FMCG boom poses specific requirements for warehouse developers, e.g. the need to install modern cold stores and food storage spaces. In our facilities, they are used by, among others Frisco.pl, the tenant of 7R City Flex Gdańsk II.

The market is also seeing progressive personalization and increasing care for the satisfaction of tenants who are looking for products tailored to individual needs, depending on the industry in which they operate. Modern warehouse facilities dedicated to the e-commerce industry are becoming more and more automated. New technologies enable, for example, even faster execution of orders or returns - customer experience and the speed of reaching customers today constitute a competitive advantage. We are observing an increasing demand for city warehouses, which are developed in 7R as part of the City Flex Last Mile Logistics network. We are currently preparing over 100,000 sqm of such space in key cities in Poland.


Another trend visible on the market is the growing interest in the ESG area, especially in the area of ​​care for the natural environment. Minimizing CO2 emissions or energy consumption has become essential for companies due to the growing electricity and gas bills. The key issue is the increasing awareness of tenants and investors who consciously want to invest their capital and business in a sustainable and environmentally neutral manner.

Author: Aleksander Kuźniewski

Business Development Director at 7R

Aleksander Kuźniewski is responsible for the development and maintenance of lasting relationships with customers and strengthening the 7R brand as a leader in providing modern warehouse solutions in ecological construction and urban projects - 7R City Flex Last Mile Logistic.

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