Red is a new green. Transforming the 7R brand

7R specialises in providing innovative and environmentally-friendly warehouse and production space. The rapid growth of our business is attested to by the fact that we are one of the leaders among the fastest developing commercial real estate firms in Poland. In 2021 alone, we handed over almost 400,000 sqm of space and this year we plan to deliver 1 million sqm.  We also need to communicate about the ever-more advanced product we offer our clients in a more modern manner, both visually and in words. For this reason, we have rebranded to focus on the best customer experience.

Over the last few years the warehouse market has evolved at a pace that has never been seen before, New directions have opened up to warehouse developers, investors and tenants due to the expansion of the sector as well as new technology, growing concern for the environment and the need for process optimisation. What lies behind the idea to refresh the 7R brand is both the fast development of the company and also the need to show very clearly that concepts such as innovation and ESG are central to our strategy. Additionally and obviously, with the passage of time and with changes happening all around in the market, every brand needs to be redefined, changed and refreshed. 


We approached the rebranding of 7R in a holistic manner, paying attention to the smallest details of every part of the way we identify ourselves. We were led by the goal of creating a modern and characteristic branding system that would give everyone who came across it the very best experience.


A clear minimalist design


What has changed? We created an additional version of 7R’s logo which has a light, modern and linear form. The new element is our tagline of ‘Future.Log.On.’. It positions our brand and resonates with the rest of the 7R logo. The Future.Log.On. tagline invites clients to log on to the futuristic world of 7R and stay with us for the long term. It is a sign that we are building here and now and that we are also thinking of the future and the long-term value of our projects.


Another important element in the visual design of our brand was the more prominent display of the characteristic façade of a 7R building – the combination of red, white and grey in a vertically aligned rectangle. Our warehouse façades make up a recognisable part of our company, so we tried to integrate their design into our new refreshed identity. The last important consideration for the refreshment of the logo’s visual design was the typography. We chose to use Lato lettering for the 7R logo, a copyright Polish font designed by Łukasz Dziedzic. It is a unified typeface with many variants that allowed us to create a strong and clear verbal and visual message.


We also brightened the colour palette but left the vibrant red as the dominant hue to symbolise our energy and dynamism, This colour contrasts with the light greys and the white. Other new elements include photographs of our products, new maps and custom icons, all of which are intended to ensure the best experience for those learning about our warehouse products and the 7R brand. 

In a word, we have created an entire visual language to differentiate the 7R brand accentuating its uniqueness and evoking positive feelings in those that see it.

These bold visual goals reflect how we run the business. We take care that our warehouses fit into the places where they are built to become an integral part of the landscape and have a minimal impact on the natural environment.


Content is king


An important part of building up a brand is to ensure that the visual imagery is consistent with the narrative of the text. A properly defined message has to communicate not only with clients and investors but with every stakeholder in the market in a clear and consistent manner. This is exactly what our new website achieves with its refreshed design, its new text and its extremely intuitive navigation.  Both the user experience and how easily information can be found are extremely important to us. By visiting our site, you can find all the most important information about our company, check out an up-to-date map of all our projects and the available space we have to rent, contact our advisors and sign up for our newsletter. Keeping up with our clients is a priority for us.


7R is a member of many associations and organisations, including the Urban Land Institute and the Polish Green Building Council. For many years we have focused on sharing information and spreading best practices. It is just for this reason, we have also created the 7R.Blog.On platform as part of our site. The texts written by our experts are intended both for our clients and for those interested in both how the commercial real estate market is changing and in its dominant trends.


We very much want to use different means of communication, which is why on our blogging site there will be articles, interviews, podcasts and videos. The topics covered will also be varied. We will talk not only about the practical considerations of renting warehouse space but also about meeting ESG policy goals, constructing buildings while meeting environmentally-friendly standards and about how to start preparing for a project. We hope that, in this way, we will be able to become even more involved in a dialogue with users on the most important topics for our branch.




At 7R we create buildings for the future that are innovative, green and that will stand the test of time. It is important to us to build into them long-term value that is based on their long-term use for both investors and tenants. This goal is to be mirrored in the refreshment of our brand, characterised by its modernity, minimalism, clarity and the excellent experience of those who see it. To put it simply: 7R – Future.Log.On.

Author: Katarzyna Dorocińska

Head of Marketing & Communications at 7R

Katarzyna Dorocińska is a professional with 20 years of experience in marketing, communication and advertising, which she gained in Poland, England and Russia. At 7R she's responsible for preparing and implementing marketing and communication strategies and campaigns, as well as sales support activities and personal branding of the company's experts.

Contact: [email protected]