7R City Park Warsaw Airport III attracts more companies from the medical industry

More companies from the medical industry have decided establish up part of their operations in 7R City Park Warsaw Airport III, which is under construction in Osmańska Street in Warsaw. ITP S.A. and Stryker will move into the facility at the end of the year, and Komtur will join them in early 2023. Earlier, Polfa Warszawa announced the launch of its research and development center in the 7R warehouse located on Osmańska Street.

7R City Park Warsaw Airport III is a complex of two buildings with a total area of 24 000 sqm. According to the requirements of individual tenants, it will contain both warehouse, laboratory, and office space. Kwadrat studio is responsible for the architectural design and Goldbeck is the general contractor. The project is BREEAM certified at the Excellent level, which confirms the highest quality of the warehouse and its pro-environmental features. The facility will include features such as photovoltaic panels, a grey water system and LED lighting, which will increase the energy efficiency of the building.

I am pleased that more and more companies from the medical industry are choosing 7R facilities. We are constantly working on new solutions dedicated to this sector the strictly regulated requirements that must be met by companies operating in such a market. Our previous experience in specific adaptations of warehouse and production space for companies such as Medezin, Pharmalink and Cefea allows us to provide further high quality facilities for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Katarzyna Litwin

Leasing Director at 7R

In late 2022, Stryker will move into the 7R facility on Osmańska Street in Warsaw. It is one of the leading companies in the global medical technology market, offering a wide range of innovative products and services in the fields of orthopedics, medical and surgical equipment, and neurotechnology that improve the efficiency of medical treatments and hospitals. The tenant will occupy 1 800 sqm of warehouse space and 1 130 sqm of office and laboratory space.

The excellent location of 7R City Park Warsaw Airport III, which is close to our headquarters, was definitely an important factor when we were deciding on where our new warehouse location would be situated. Equally important was 7R's previous experience in constructing facilities for the medical industry, which gave us the confidence that we will receive a product that meets our expectations.

Grzegorz Pawlik

General Manager at Stryker

In addition, at the end of this year, ITP S.A. will commence its business operations in 7R City Park Warsaw Airport III. The company specializes in selecting the best technologies and global brands in the area of aesthetic medicine, medical devices, and wellness equipment. An area of 4 400 sqm will house ITP’s service and warehouse sections. All the rooms prepared for this tenant will be subject to a rigorously controlled and maintained temperature of 15-20 °C. Additionally, there will also be a 1 100 sqm office space for the ITP employees.

When looking for a new location to conduct our business operations, we focused on facilities within urban areas, allowing for the more effective transport of products, as well as an easier commute for our employees.7R City Park Warsaw Airport III is ideal because of its location and the company's very professional approach to realizing space to a customized specification.

Żaneta Trzaskowska vel Trzaska

Operational Director at ITP S.A.

At the beginning of 2023, Komtur Poland, which is a part of the international group Komtur Pharmaceuticals, will also join tenants of 7R City Park Warsaw Airport III. The company’s activity is focused on the distribution of specialist, innovative preparations used in rare therapies for in-clinic treatment and on life cycle management of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products. The company will occupy 2 700 sqm of warehouse space and 530 sqm of office space in the 7R building.

From the very beginning, we wanted a solution that would ideally be tailored to our business. This is why we decided to cooperate with 7R, which has extensive experience in projects for clients from the medical sector and understands the specificity of our industry. What is more, the warehouse's location in Warsaw will ensure the efficiency and seamlessness of our operations.

Paweł Woźniak

Member of the Board at Komtur Pharmaceuticals

Polfa Warszawa, the first tenant to select 7R City Park Warsaw Airport III, has decided to lease 5 500 sq m of modern warehouse and production space with office facilities. The space for the company is built to the highest, rigorous standards for the development, production, and storage of drugs. Additionally, in order to maintain appropriate sound parameters, the production hall and offices will be equipped with triple-glazed windows and façade panels with a higher acoustic coefficient than those in typical warehouses.

7R City Park Warsaw Airport III is yet another 7R warehouse that will house pharmaceutical production. The developer has previously provided space for two brands from the Pelion group – Medezin and Pharmalink, as well as for Cefea and Marrodent.