Poltrakt to expand its lease area at 7R Park Poznań West

7R, a developer specialising in the construction of high-quality warehouses, has signed another lease agreement with Poltrakt. The logistics operator will expand its lease area at 7R Park Poznań West by additional 4,000 sqm.

Poltrakt is a family-owned company that specialises in delivery and warehousing. It has been operating on the international logistics market for 30 years now. With the addition of newly leased space, Poltrakt will occupy over 12,000 sqm at 7R Park Poznań West.

With the particular attention given to the highest quality of customer service, we carry out orders throughout Europe. 7R’s facility assists us in our logistics processes. Thanks to its good location, we can fulfil our orders in a timely and efficient manner. That is why we have decided to expand the leased space.

Michał Kalisiewicz

Managing Director, Poltrakt

The 7R Park Poznań West warehouse is located in Tarnów Górny – only 22 km west of the centre of Poznań and 8 km from the S11 expressway. In addition, the close proximity of the Poznań-Ławica airport makes this location a highly efficient logistics point for both domestic and international operations.

Our priority is to maintain the highest standards in terms of customer relations. At the same time, we believe that the functionality and efficiency of our facilities are just as impor¬tant as our actions towards sustainable development. We find it very satisfying that 7R’s business partners appreciate these efforts and, together with us, develop their businesses at our facilities.

Magdalena Kostjan

Regional Leasing Director, 7R

7R Park Poznań West offers more than 55,000 sqm of floor area. The warehouse features many eco-friendly solutions, such as air destratification fans and electric vehicle charging stations. The facility has also obtained an ecological BREEAM certificate at the “Very Good” level.