BREEAM certification in warehouses

The interest in BREEAM certificates has increased significantly recently. Issues related to the ESG area, i.e. how business deals with responsibility for the environment, communities and corporate governance, drew attention to certification.

Thanks to the detailed parameters that a given building must meet to obtain a certificate, it is possible to compare it with other objects and assess how much it is, for example, environmentally friendly. The certificate confirms the high-class building and its quality – it is crucial, proven information for tenants, owners and investors.

Every year, the number of warehouse and production facilities designed and built by the assumptions of multi-criteria certification increases. This is due to, on the one hand, the growing awareness of developers who not only create sustainable development strategies but also implement them; on the other hand, the pressure results from the expectations of customers: tenants, owners and investors. The certificate confirms the compliance of a given facility with criteria important for all in areas such as care for the natural environment, innovation, optimisation of operating costs and comfort of work,” says Aleksander Kuźniewski, Business Development Director at 7R.

Aleksander Kuźniewski is responsible for the development and maintenance of lasting relationships with customers and strengthening the 7R brand as a leader in providing modern warehouse solutions in ecological construction and urban projects – 7R City Flex Last Mile Logistic.

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Jerzy Wójcik is the owner and director of the JW+A company, which provides consulting services in the area of green construction and workplace strategy for real estate developers, contractors, building owners and tenants. Jerzy is also a university lecturer teaching the design of public buildings (since 2010) and sustainable development in projects (since 2016).