Warehouse of Art

The idea of 7R Warehouse of Art is promoting Polish Artists and their work which belong to our company’s collection.

Warehouses full of art

Warehouses seem to be the perfect place to showcase works of art. The space, its simplicity and purity of form prevent the viewer from getting distracted, and art is really in the centre of attention. The impact of the first vernissage may determine the fate of the entire project.


,,Deep down, I believe and hope that this one-off project will become a cyclical event. My dream is to make our space at various 7R facilities in Poland available to other artists as well, with their diverse artistic forms”, said Tomasz Lubowiecki, President of the Board.

About collection 3x7R

Our warehouses become an inspiration to create a collection of graphics. The 3x7R series is a well-considered collection of 21 etchings sized 64x79 cm and 79x64 cm. This creation was brought to life after a Cracovian artist Anna Sobol-Wejman met with 7R President Tomasz Lubowiecki in 2018. It resulted in the artistic record of the company’s multidimensional space, formed in many diverse yet logically arranged elements.


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About Artist

Anna Sobol-Wejman was born in 1946, in Rybnik. She studied Graphic Arts at the Krakow Fine Arts Academy and was awarded her diploma in 1972. In graphic art, she most frequently applies graphic techniques in metal (etching, aquatint, sugar aquatint), as well as lithography. In 1985, at the invitation of the Reykjavik Academy of Fine Arts, she conducted graphic art workshops. Between 1986-1990, she was in charge of the STU Theater Gallery in Krakow. Her works were exhibited in Poland and abroad, and she took part in several tens of collective graphic art exhibitions. In 1995, she won the Grand Prix - The Masters of Graphic Art – at the Third International Biennale of Graphic Art in Györ, Hungary. In 2009, she was awarded the Witold Wojtkiewicz Prize of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers for the exhibition titled ,,Siedzące. Rozmowa z S.W.".