Innovative BTS at 7R Park Tczew

Innovative BTS at 7R Park Tczew

POLOmarket, one of the largest Polish supermarket networks to lease around 30 500 sqm of warehouse space at the new stage of 7R Parke Tczew. The handover of the space is planned for Q3 of 2020.

POLOmarket is the largest Polish supermarket network of over 280 shops around the whole country. The network will lease the third building in 7R Park Tczew which will be fully adjusted to POLOmarket’s needs. This A-class building will become the main distribution centre.

,,While deciding on the new warehouse, we were looking for a business partner who can understand our needs and looking beyond the market standards will be able to deliver solutions responding to those needs. It turned out 7R is such a developer and this is why we have decided to bring our third, latest, state-of-the-art distribution centre together", says Mirosław Podeszwik, POLOmarket coowner.

The 30 500 sqm project for POLOmarket will consist of 20 000 sqm of dry storage, 8 000 sqm of cooling storage, 1 500 sqm of freezing storage and around 800 sqm of office space. The building’s height will be a non-standard 10,7 m also the roof structure will be reinforced to enable photovoltaic panels. The facility will have its own truck wash, petrol station and spacious cars and trucks parking.

,,I am delighted that as well as standard industrial projects we have opportunities to deliver facilities for companies with specific, non-standard requirements. It is most satisfying and rewarding to be involved in projects that require special engagement, effort and creativity. Being open to customers’ needs as well as detailed consideration of the possible solutions make us so much more eager to get involved in even greater challenges", says Maciej Krawiecki, Head of Leasing Department, 7R.

Another advantage of this project is its perfect location within just opened in September 7R Park Tczew which is part of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSEZ). The park is positioned at the A1 motorway, directly at Swarożyn junction and the 91 and 22 national roads junction. Such location provides easy access to main traffic routes and ensures efficient distribution of products.